The construction of a gold factory

The construction of a gold factory

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Dear investors
Subject: invitation to investment
Hi. Labkhand Kaghazi ( LAKA ) Trade and Advertising Companies Group is owner of several Gold mines (private sector) and partnership party of at least 30 to 100 other poly metal mines in most provinces of the country and in the case of partnership, will be the main party and party to the investor’s contract. Therefore, for construction of processing and extraction plant, about 300 to 1000 tons of mineral pure materials (precious metals), there is need for capital supply. Therefore, that company is hereby invited for negotiations, partnership in the field of capital supply, supplying machineries, doing professional exploration operations, presales of future products of these mines, development of active companies, gaining modern knowledge on excavation with best economic interests and great benefits and points of investment. If you are willing to negotiate and participate, please do measures according to the following rules and regulations of this company so that partnership conditions may be provided step by step.

1-Official response and announcement of the desired section's readiness
2- Send an invitation to apply for a visa to your embassy in our country
(For the CEO and companion)
3-Declare readiness to cooperate in extraction
4- Declare your willingness to accept the expedition team's travel expenses by your company
5. Send the brochure and catalog of the company
6- Leading different investors to your country that we could not attract
7- Procurement of capital purchasing an active gold factory (Purchase or guarantee of capital)

Tel : +989120933277 - +982166374239 - +985137665005
Web - Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Offers :
Partnership section:
Invitation to fund 3 to 10 gold mines
Invitation to Exploration Operations in Gold Mines
Participation in attracting attracted capital (valid currency account)
Readiness to obtain representation
Preparation of the projects of that company (gold mining method with cyanide)
30% less than the cost of similar companies in your country
Contribution to the purchase and sale of gold
Purchase section:
Buyer of the production line of gold concentrate production
Need to contract and receive pre-invoicing machinery
Buyer Second Hand Gold Extraction (Gold Concentrate Production Line)
Buyer of gold refinery machines
Need for investor pre-invoice
Buyer Concentrate Gold
Proposed purchase of active gold factory in Iran with monthly production of 300 kg of gold bullion:
Factory sale, warranty for purchasing gold purchasing capital, investment for development, guarantee for the purchase of capital by the company.
Financial sponsor:
Invitation to introductory support
Invitation to sponsorship
Travel and accommodation costs and hotel costs
The cost of setting up an office in Europe and Asia
Ready to insert supportive information in the promotional plans of this collection
Negotiation terms:
First trip costs:
Paying team travel expenses (at least 5 people) to our account:
Ticket (Surrender) Fee for hotel reservations for 7 days
Catering and transportation costs, Visa fees
Unpaid and unpaid costs and insurance and taxes: $ 3,000 per person
Visa Dealership: (Letter of Guarantee for Visas) $ 100,000 per person
Send an official invitation to the CEO
Send invitations sent to accompanying team members
Scores for contributors:
Gold Sale Discounted
3% of gold (from a gold mine) for a one-year sponsor in the event of a contract
Exclusive purchase contract for mineral equipment vendors
In the event that the total capital required for each mine is 50 million dollars, 50% of the gold mine share is used to provide capital
Your suggestions?


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